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The World's Best, Funniest, and Cutest Travel Blogs

Gone are the days of glossy brochures and newspaper clippings. When we're looking for travel inspiration, travel blogs are the place to turn. The internet is full of travel bloggers from around the world sharing their stories, photos and advice, and their experiences are a great way for us to find out what to expect from potential destinations. In case you've missed them, here are some of the best, funniest, and cutest travel blogs out there.

The World's Best Travel Blogs: Top 3

notwedorded (

Dubbed 'the traveling Bridget Jones', Katy Colins's travel blog is a journey from heartbreak to total liberation. Having been jilted just before her wedding, Katy quit her job and sold off her belongings before taking off into the unknown. Her blog, originally posted to keep friends and family up-to-date on her adventures, attracted a huge audience. Her story struck a chord with the public and has since been featured in numerous big-name newspapers and magazines.

Two Monkeys Travel (

Husband and wife duo Jonathan and Kach Howe are the faces of Two Monkeys Travel. They launched their blog in 2013 to store and share their memories and experiences, but quickly gained an enthusiastic audience. Together, they've now travelled to over 70 countries across all 7 continents. Their blog includes detailed travel guides, run downs of the best hotels and experiences on offer in different destinations, and even reviews of travel gear and popular travel apps.

Pommie Travels (

Having graduated university with a 2:1 in Broadcast Journalism, Victoria Brewood swiftly ditched the prospect of a 9-5 life in favor of doing some serious traveling. She spent a few months in Australia before moving to Bali and launching Pommie travels to immortalize her experiences. Having visited over 48 countries, Victoria is full of useful advice for female solo travelers. Her blog is great inspiration for anybody who is tempted to ditch their day job and dive into a life of travel.

Hand-Luggage Only (

Created by two university students named Yaya and Lloyd, Hand Luggage Only is a travel journal and destination guide which has been going for around three years. It combines travel guides, travel hacks and food inspiration with some impressive travel photography. The photography is what most sets this blog apart from others on the web; they even provide tips on how to become a great travel photographer yourself.

The World's Funniest Travel Blogs: Top 3

Rexy Edventures (

Ed Rex is a travel blogger from Hull, England. Having quit his full time job, Ed travels full time and presents 'the adventures of a handsome backpacker traveling the unexpected' through his blog. Outlining the unusual challenges of traveling deaf, Ed's posts are informative, enlightening, and , at times, hilarious. His personality shines through his unique narrative voice and brings his stories to life in a way which is both vivid and inspiring.

Unbrave Girl (

'Encouraging scaredy cats since 2009', Unbrave Girl (also known as Sally) writes about travel amongst other things. Sally has lived in and travelled Asia, and her witty, self-deprecatingly funny writing address the difficulties of life abroad as a self-proclaimed 'scaredy cat'. Highlights from her unique post topics include: 'Super Sized Me: The Big Girl's Guide to Surviving Asia' and 'Advice You Really Shouldn't Follow: How To Travel With Really Annoying People'.

Bacon is Magic (

Seven years ago a blogger named Ayngelina started Bacon is Magic as a female solo traveller, exploring the world with a focus on food and discovering new cuisines. She later joined forces with chef (and her now husband) Dave, and they now run the blog together. Expect a witty account of destinations around the world, and loads of delicious recipes they've picked up along the way.

The World's Cutest Travel Blogs: Top 3

Cute Travels (

Cute travels is a travel blog specifically dedicated to 'all things cute around the world'. From comic-themed cafes in Brussels to wildflower farms in Australia, Cute Travels is a catalogue of everything kitsch, cute, and downright adorable encountered on an around-the-world adventure. It's also an inspirational travel guide full of quirky hidden gems, encompassing destinations in Asia, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Cycling Gypsies (

Zoa, Fin, Jack and Paco are a team of two dogs and two humans who've so far travelled their way through 21 countries (a total of around 17,000 miles) BY BIKE. Cycling Gypsies documents the trials and challenges of traveling with pets, and offers useful advice to anybody considering taking to the road by bike, or with animals in tow. The photos of Jack and Paco enjoying new destinations are not just awesome but absolutely adorable, and their humans have even released their own equally cute series of children's books (about dogs, of course!)

World Travel Family (

World Travel Family is a travel blog following the adventures of Alyson and James and their children D and Boo as they explore the world as a family. Sharing useful advice on travelling with children and educating them on the road, as well as general travel tips and experiences, this blog is well worth a read. Watching this inspirational family grow as they ride the highs and tackle the lows of travel as a unit is a not only fascinating, but totally heart-warming experience.

So if you're a nomad at heart and looking for some decent bedtime reading, check out these blogs. And if you're on the road yourself, why not start posting your own? Most of these started out as personal blogs which developed an audience unexpectedly. You never know, you could even turn out to be one of those lucky people who get paid to blog their way around the world and never look back!

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